DTOTD #19: SimpleViews

Drupal users move often than not turn to Earl Miles' incredible Views module to display lists of nodes.  Views power is easy to appreciate, but this power comes as a cost: Views presents the users with a lot of options in its interface, and those options can seem to be overwhelming.   New users will often wonder why they can't seem to get anything to display, until they figure out they they need to give Views a list of fields to display.

SimpleViews can be thought of as being "Views Lights" -- it lets you create a view with many common options already selected, without troubling you with a lot of options, most of which you won't need.  It's useful for quickly creating the view you need quickly.  Later, you can revisit your work with the full Views interface and make any changes that seem appropriate.

You can get SimpleViews here:


You can see a video demonstration by the author here: